My Shopping Trip Part 1

Over the weekend I went to Eggstätt at the Chiemsee for a little shopping getaway with my colleagues from work. If you don't know I work at our local Fossil store and I totally love my job! Also for shopping trips like that...haha! We got to go to a Fossil-member outlet where they sell fossil products and watches they produce for their partners. I shopped sooo much that I need to make two posts out of that! I'm a littlebit sorry that I can't show you everything because I bought a lot of things that I'm going to give as presents and these people might read my blog aswell. Have fun watching the pictures!

beauty report n°1

A fresh and bright make-up is perfect for everyday. It fits every outfit and underlines your mood slightly. I first used a Maybelline fit me concealer n°15 to brighten up spots and dark shadows, followed by Maybelline's better skin make-up applied with a Beliance make-up brush. Make sure to blend it out in the same way your tiny hairs are growing. Some Maybelline pinky rouge on your cheeks makes your smile even brighter! I finished my look wit ANNY's it's a girls world nail polish, Kiko lipstick and ZARA white fragrance. Have a nice tuesday!

My week via Instagram


Tea at University this monday! New way to keep Students inside...

Working by Night to keep my Blog Rolling :)

All alone at the gym this week...yeah no waiting! 

As I already showed you, tadaaa my new NB sneakers! 

My favourite Leather Jacket with my favourite bag makes a perfect combination! 

Ready for shooting-picture on saturday Morning :)

And my excitement on saturday evening

Today on my way to Chiemsee today...such a sunny trip! Tomorrow is Big Shopping Day :) 

Working girl

What I show you today is my current place to be. Or better to say it's my current place I have to be! First week of holidays already started but I am still at university every day, getting bored at block seminars. I'm studying journalism and some other subjects that's why I have to read newspapers all the time. The more fun part is to read fashion magazines! But besides all that learning stuff I am really looking forward to sunday when I'm doing a shopping trip to south Germany with my friends from work. Yeah bags and watches here I come! Hopefully they also have another leather jacket for me because I really like wearing them indoor these times, I also do in the pictures! A black one would be great...or maybe dark brown?

My new 574

Say hello to my new New Balance sneakers! I totally love the combination of the neutral grey and the neon applications. And do you see those little leopard dots inside the N? Tiny but I like it! I already imagine wearing them to leggins or dresses this spring, just a sporty and young touch to every outfit. I also think that they have a special form in contrast to other sneakers. They make your feet look smaller or even more compact but that's what makes them fashionable and cool! Keep updated to see some outfits with these newbies soon...

at the Retro Opening

 Wuh, finally the semester ended! I gave my presentation in journalism today and had our seminar's opening of the Retro exhibition. My look needed to be simple but classy because a vernissage always needs a chic touch! I accessorized it with my favourite jewelery which is from Fossil, Schmuckrausch, Forever21 and my grandma's vintage stuff. You also see me holding my iPad on nearly all pictures, it was my essential thing today! For taking notes and presenting there's nothing better and easier! Time to close my eyes now...Tomorrow I'll be working in the city and shooting my brandnew shoes...
good night folks xx

by Night

Managing to take pictures anywhere in the dark after university. Next week there will be daylight pictures again but today it's by night. Since university is so stressful at the moment I feel like I really need my dark and textured cappy to hide in the rows. Plus, the flannel shirt makes it cozy while listening to referees of the arabian spring. Also found an old camera that belonged to my grandparents, I wonder if this still works. Tomorrow is the last day of running around and being a total desaster, it's presentation day! So keep updated here to see pictures of my "Retro" vernissage and my pretty accessorized outfit!