My Love

A long time ago I already talked about it but now I can finally present you my new love.
It's the iphone 5s in gold!
I also bought my first case on the same day, 
it's from Fossil and I love the winterly gold and silver sparkle on it!  

My Year 2013 - Part 2

Here's the second part of picturing my year 2013. Have fun!

1: Wearing my favourite white summer dress at Vapiano - 2: Summer at university - 3: Spending days at our local river - 4, 6, 7: Celebrating my 20th birthday with flowers and fun - 5, 8, 9: Summer snapshots 

My Year 2013 - Part 1

Describing every month of 2013 in 4 pictures was way harder than I thought before! Summer is my favourite season so that's the time of my life - but that's also why I had to use 9 pictures for it! The second part is coming soon.

 1, 4: Visiting Vienna with B - 2: Starting my new art project of fashion pictures - 3: A lot of Starbucks in january, I had to resocialize after my exams!

My Christmas Presents

Christmas is more than one week over and I haven't posted my presents yet. I'm so sorry! As you can see in my previous post christmas was all about family and friends this year. Oh, and sure also about food! I photographed some of my lovely presents for you just some missing. I thought about dedicating an own post for my supercozy new Guess jacket. Stay tuned!

Weihnachten ist jetzt schon mehr als eine Woche vorbei und ich habe es immer noch nicht geschafft die Fotos meiner Geschenke zu posten. Tut mir total leid! Wie ihr in meinem vorigen Post sehen könnt, ging es dieses Weihnachten vorallem um Familie und Freunde. Oh ja, und natürlich auch um's Essen! I habe ein paar meiner wundervollen Geschenke für euch fotografiert, nur einige ganz besondere habe ich noch aufgespart. Zum Beispiel meine superbequeme neue Guess Jacke bekommt einen eigenen Post. Bleibt gespannt!