The Garden

Happy easter everyone! Hope you had a great weekend and spent lots of time with your loves. Today's post is filled with pictures from last week, when my love and I enjoyed a day in the sunny park close to my home. Days like that are just perfect for relaxing and a little sunbathing even though I'm still sooo white! I really need to get some tan and feel more like spring. My outfit in this post helped to do so and I hope it inspires you to search for spring-pieces in your closet, too.

Dressale Cooperation

Hey guys! I'd like to announce my brandnew collaboration with which is a super cool online shop that sells dresses and accessoires for every ocassion. Vistit DresSale to find the perfect dress for your sister's wedding or the matching shoe for your prom dress! To get a first impression about their products I searched for the perfect black dress that everyone needs. I combined it with some funky and flowery accessoires, it's spring guys! 

This is the modern version of the perfect little black. The cut-outs and shimmery parts give it a sexy touch, but long sleeves get it back to the ground. You can find it HERE

Absolutely love the candy colour combination in this shoe! Black dresses don't always have to go with serious black heels, if you are about to party, it's about to have fun, especially in summer! So dance off your candy-feet over HERE

The next candy-matching-accessoire are these brilliant earrings. Soft coloured stones match the shoes perfectly without being too much. Wearing a messy ponytail and putting on these earrings will make you feel so sexy and cool! Get them HERE

Last but not least you need to close the circle of candy colours. Taking a huge trend of last summer on to this one with a flowery hairband! You can be sure you'll be seen by everyone with this hippie happy touch. Get flowery hairbands HERE

It would be so nice if you visit my new partner DresSale and check out their amazing things! Thank you!


This knitted shirt is seriously perfect for me. It is flattery and has a quadratic form, plus it is coloured in LIME! Lime is one of THE trend coulors for this spring/summer season, here it is nicely knitted into a fresh pure white. You can combine it with another whiteish colour or - as I did - in contrast with black. I really like this combination of knit and leather that I topped with my (also slightly bright) New Balance sneakers. I learned that for me it works best, when I put flattery shirts in the front part of my skirt to show the highwaist line of it. All of the pieces are from H&M - cheap and trendy. So pleeeease weather get better and warmer and sunnier and everything what we've already got in march! I need to wear this combi again!


In the last few weeks I had so many things to do! University started again and as you could have seen in my previous post, I'm really thinking about interior these times. That's why I went to Ikea with a friend, to get some more inspiration and the usual decor stuff you always buy there. And as many of you commented in my last post: YES, I love white and grey! haha I'm also thinking about painting my room which is kind of a lavender colour at the moment. Keep visiting me for some more room updates and fun days!