Room Inspiration

I wanted to share my room inspiration with you guys that I found on we heart it and pinterest. For a fresh start of the new semester I want to organize and decorate my home in a new way, so I needed inspiration. Maybe this inspires and helps you, too. Stay tuned for my upcoming Ikea post and maybe a sooner post of my new room!

My last two weeks

My last two weeks were absolutely amazing! Me and my boyfriend celebrated our 3rd anniversary and I had a lot of fun while inline-skating with a friend. The weather has been so nice (as I said in nearly every post before haha) that we enjoyed our freetime in the nature. When you look at the pictures you can see how beautiful my hometown and the area around both are. We have a beautiful local river and some lakes that are just perfect for relaxing in the sun. In summer we even go swimming in it! Please don't mind my boring outfit at inline-skating, it had to be sporty and comfy that day! 

My week via Instagram

Being a florist on monday after buying some beauties in the Morning

Found the perfect knit Shirt matching my NB 574!

Sunny skating-Day down by the want a post about that? 

One of my favourite pictures of last week's shoot!

Kissing all my lovely readers good night :-*

My favourite Mascara from YSL, love the nicely perfumed smell! 

Quick shot while cycling...

Finishing my 'big' workout on sunday! #happy

Summer in the City

Having sun and over 20°C for almost one week made me feel like summer! I'm getting sad looking at these pictures while it's raining outside again. I don't know if I just imagine it but to me coffee tastes so much better outside, I mean in the sun. The grey skies today make me sleepy, I definitely need some colours in my room and my outfits to get happy! 

Sunshine and Flowers

The weather is so nice here lately that I just have to spend all my time outside! I love all the stolls throgh parks and sitting outside our local cafés. And it's also the time for white pants again! Yeah! On todays' pictures you see me at my weekly flower-shopping in my hometown. I am totally in love with these 'dirty' rose tulips, they fit my interior perfectly and carry the spring into my walls. It's springtime!!

My week via Instagram

Two of my fury shopping purchases...

Carnival! Me as a doll... I cut my Daddy out hihi 

Focussing on my Body challenge with Loox! (Get the App at the AppStore) 

Spring Colours in the Sun! This combo inspired me for the tangerine Spring Inspiration!

Happy me After the hairdresser :)

Striking a pose before's never 'Too much'!

Again a happy me selfie with my lovely DKNY Ring (my Instagram seems to be full of selfies haha)

Sneak peek of my yesterday's post

Little picture break while doing squats

Sun was so nice yesterday! :)