My Year 2013 - Part 1

Describing every month of 2013 in 4 pictures was way harder than I thought before! Summer is my favourite season so that's the time of my life - but that's also why I had to use 9 pictures for it! The second part is coming soon.

 1, 4: Visiting Vienna with B - 2: Starting my new art project of fashion pictures - 3: A lot of Starbucks in january, I had to resocialize after my exams!

1: Another art project for a contest in my hometown - 2: On my way to party with friends in the warmest parka I ever had - 3: Valentines Day-Roses from B - 4: Trying new art-techniques

1: Finally spring! Good vibes! - 2: Celebrating our 2nd year anniversary :)) - 3: Having a lot of brunch, dinner and lunch-dates this month...too many outfits! - 4: Shopping at my new favourite place "Thier-Galerie"

 1: April is easter-time!!! - 2: Cutting my hair short again - 3: Buying my new Fossil watch, never big and gold enough - 4: Caffè Latte outside our local Vapiano, place to be this spring

 1: Spending my day in the Netherlands, oranjeeee! - 2: Being outside many times in may - 3: My art exhibition, finally!!!! - 4: Shopping again, buying some hats

 1, 2, 7: Working as a theatre journalist in Bremen for two weeks - 3: B's graduation, congrats love! - 4, 8: Spending the first part of summer on my friend's boat in south Germany and Switzerland - 5, 6, 7, 9: Summer details, it's getting hooot again! YAY!


  1. Anonym1/12/2014

    nice pictures :)

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing first six months of 2013!! =D =D I like your art work, you're really good =D

    I'm definitely following you! Have a great week!

    Rosie's Life

  3. Love all the photos. Happy 2014!

  4. lovely blog :)