My week via Instagram

A sunny monday at Fossil headquaters in Bavaria! Get the Shopping started!

First Day back home and happy selfie time :)

And finally seeing my love again ❤️❤️❤️

Spring flowers from the best Boss in the World :) thank you Ricky :)

Baking the perfect chocolate Chip Almond Cupcakes out of a booring mood

Constantly working on new posts for you guys! Hard to do that while carnival in Germany! :D

My new workout with TRX and Loox fitness Plans! Heavy though!

Organized some of my watches and bracelets yesterday...

...and then went to Sports again today :)

Workouts are all done this week! YAY! Let's do it again next week! 

Jaro is not going to watch the Oscars with me today...he already fell asleep :'D

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  1. loving the insta pics and you are too sweet. thanks for visiting my blog and for the sweet thoughts.